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References: Binary Bassline, Zodiak Commune, Communiqué rec

Arkanoid (aka KDG) had always been in touch with music ever since his father dj'd at several clubs and parties in the first half of the eighties.
Studying in Gent, he soon got mindraped by the organic sounds of the infamous 303.

Starting out playing in the backroom of the Decadance (with Phénomècron/D'Naab136) in Gent, he got together with some friends to form the non-profit-organisation Krank Kartell.
The X-parties in Nieuwpoort and Oostende were a fact: a series of 8 acid parties from '98 'till '02.

In 2002 he founded the acid label Binary Bassline Records with partner in crime Mr.Gasmask, and the producing side got more important as well as playing live gigs.

His dj- and livesets brought him to the UK, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, and got him to play with great artists as Woody McBride, Egebamyasi, Random XS, G-Force, Hardfloor, Chris Liberator, Dave the Drummer, Mike Dred, Dr.Fernando!, Rob Acid, Danny Casseau and many others.

Over 10 years of acid-music has brought him to make deep, solid, multibassline tracks stressing the enlightenment of what acid music really is: Music for the gods.