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Kunstencentrum Vooruit

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23
9000 Ghent

Location on map: Kunstencentrum Vooruit

Planning a crazy night out on HINDU NIGHTS NYE but want to leave your car at home? We’ve got your back! Because NYE is for dancing, drinking and having a great time with your dearest ones, De Lijn provides special party busses from dusk till dawn.

How to reach Vooruit by public transport?

Travel info:

De Lijn lijn nr F5
Gent Zuid - Zwijnaarde - Zevergem - Eke Landuit
Halte: Bagattenstraat

De Lijn – lijn nr F14
Gent Sint – Pietersstation – Korenmarkt
Halte: Savaanstraat

Find out more about public transport during NYE via the link below:

How to reach Vooruit by car?

Keep the evening rush hour in mind!
Leave on time. You can still eat a meal, a sandwich or soup in the café.

  • Coming from Brussels Airport, take the A201 direction Brussels.
  • At exit 4 take the R0.
  • Then drive on to the E40 via exit 10 (directions continue below).
  • Coming from Antwerp, Brussels, Oostende, Kortrijk (E40, E17)
  • If you go for the cheapest parking (Parking Sint-Pietersplein):
    • Take the ‘Gent Centrum’ exit, then follow the ‘Alle Richtingen’ sign.
    • Once you’re off the viaduct, turn left at the lights (under the viaduct). This will lead you onto the Ghent ring road.
    • At the second lights, take a right turn, into the Overpoortstraat.
    • Continue along this street until you arrive at the Sint-Pietersplein.
    • There’s an inexpensive underground parking lot located here.
    • Vooruit is situated on the Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat, at walking distance from the parking lot (see also: parking)
  • If you go for the closest parking (Parking Gent Zuid):
    • Take the ‘Gent Centrum’ exit, then follow the ‘Gent Centrum’ sign once again instead of the ‘Alle Richtingen’ sign.
    • Once you’re off the viaduct, go straight on at the light (park on your left side).
    • Keep in the left lane. Like this, you can drive straight into the parking lot.
    • When  leaving the parking lot, keep the library to your left and the shopping centre to your right and walk up to Vooruit (see also below, under parking)