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A-Tek vs Bion-X

References: DDM Soundsystem, Acid sounds, The Qontinent, Bruges

A-Tek vs Bion-X

Bion-x aka Wesley Demey got hooked on the powerful TB-303 sounds after going to several Acid raves in the late 90’s. Around the year 2000 he bought his first decks and Bion-x was born. He quickly became a well-known concept in the Flemish acid music scene. He was involved in parties as ‘Mental Destruction’ in the legendary location ‘Hangaar 64’ in Ostend and was part of the ‘Crack-Attack’ crew who organized their parties at the ‘Rector’ in Ghent.

In 2006 Bion-x started to make his own typical sound that nowadays has become his trademark due to his legendary live sets. Meanwhile he has played at several well known parties such as The Qontinent, Acid Sounds, Elements Festival, Pounders, DDM soundsystem and many free parties.

A-Tek bought his first Yamaha RM1X groove-box in 2007 and started to make hard-tek. A few groove-boxes later, he started producing acid tekno and acid-core. In 2010 he joined the DDM soundsystem crew and a year later Kweetniewatt soundsystem and started playing live-sets. In 2012 he started to play for the Destroyed Records label. Together they will surely blow up the room with an explosive hard acid set!