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Brixton was born on the 24th May 1971 in Oppeln. In 1983 he moved with his family to the Rheinland in Germany. Highly influenced by the first electronic disco sounds, he ended up playing his first DJ-set at Space-Club in 1988 to a large and very inspired audience of clubbers. In this moment Brixton knew that electronic music would be with him for the rest of his life. In the following years his DJ-sets took all the well-known European clubs by storm. Finally, in 1990, after several successful years behind the turntables, Brixton brought out his first record. Not long after he brought out other records on diverse record labels (Analog Records USA, Drop Bass Network, U-Turn and Electric Music Foundation).
By 1994 Brixton was ready to go his own way and it was in this year that he founded the labels Holzplatten, X0X Track. First he had a few releases, but in time „Holzplatten" became a platform for international DJs and artists in the German speaking regions. In 1997, on his Radioshow „Subsonic" ( broadcast weekly on Evosonic ), he would introduce the newest Electronic Dance Music releases. Brixton produced and played Techno of the widest variety, from banging Acid-Techno to the more modern, simply structured Minimal-Techno. In 1998, after some 30 releases on his label „Holzplatten", Brixton founded two additional labels:Kazumi and Simple Muzik. With these two labels, Brixton wanted and wants to give new and young artists the chance to gain recognition for their innovative music. Due to the growing demand on these labels, meanwhile Brixton unfortunately didn..t find so enough time to produce his own records anymore.

But he..s back in the pits and released his very first longplayer "" on Holzplatten in 2004. The Album contains 8 tracks and 8 locked grooves. Even in this year he released the “Holzplatten Zehn” Mix-Cd featuring 48 Holzplattentracks. The last physical release on Holzplatten dated September 2006 with Brixton’s “Wir lieben Techno” EP. From now on all the labels release digital on and other digital distributions. Go for and see the variety of the output. Back to the early days and up to the present Brixton believes in real Techno music and still plays only this unique sound. Absolutely not influenced by the minimal hype all around he keeps up the techno spirit with his Liveacts and Djsets. He prefers to loose everything he got instead of playing Minimal stuff. So trust in his words!