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References: De:Tuned, Binary Basline, Braincrashed Rec, BE


Stanny Franssen’s first project ‘Propionic’ resulted in three releases: ‘XY Desolvation’, ‘Immunochemical Epoxy’ and ‘Back-Feed’ on Reload. Reload was also happy to release his second project: Cronical Re-Form.  After that he struck a new alliance with KK, who released Stanny’s material under the name ‘G F’. Under this guise Stanny unleashed two full albums: ‘Electronic Lesson 1’ & ‘EL2’, both receiving critical acclaim both in the international dance press and among his colleagues and in particular Sven Väth.

After such high exposure many others soon picked up on his unique skills, widening the road for the new contacts and deals followed. ‘Mystic Shape’ became Stanny’s moniker on UK’s popular Primate imprint, and it was this release that triggered a profusion of international bookings. During one trip abroad he met the much revered Marco Carola who asked him to do some tracks resulting in ‘The Fifth Galaxy ep’ on both Zenit and Ante Zenit (Ltd). Subsequently the ‘Between The Lines ep’ came out on Gaetek’s Conform at the end of 1998. Another massive release followed on the Intense label. Releases then followed on Kobayashi, Zync, Skunkwork, Molecular and Countdown 2000 and again Primate.

Stanny naturally started thinking about a label project of his own. In August 1999 plans were drawn out for Genetic Records where people like Umek, Danillo Vigorito, Rino Cerrone, Manu Kenton, Davide Squillace, Boriqa Tribez and Stanny himself delivered the output. Around 2002 Stanny started to work more together with other artists as Patrick Lindsey and DJ Lowdown and they got signed on the Intec label from Carl Cox and Dave Angels label Rotation. Stanny also found time to do numerous remixes for amongst others Henrik B, Danilo Vigorito, Rino Cerrone, Samuel L Session, Chris Liebing, Monika Kruse and Misstress Barbara.

In 2006 Stanny decided to take a step back. Influenced by his good friend Patrick Lindsey he started to produce again in 2009. Three releases on Giraffe Sauvage were the result. Meanwhile Stanny did some colabs with Sören Aalberg and they are working on a new album. Also a new project with Ortin Cam was born mid 2014.

Remix duties for labels as Stanch, Phobiq, Loose, Tarvisium electronique, Release, Respekt Recordings and many more. A new solo ep called ‘Multi-Vintages’ was released on De:Tuned.