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For DJ Kozz, his interest in music goes back a lot further than the the rise of electronic dance-music but it’s arrival meant a true revelation for him. In those early days he was overwhelmed by the new beat-sounds from the legendary Boccaccio club in Ghent, his home-town. From then on, it didn't take long before Kozz - at that time better known as Leo Bruynoghe - started to concentrate on dj.-ing himself.

On one of the first parties he played at, he met Mathias Kerckhof and a common passion for non-commercial dance-music made them decide to start organise parties themselves. With that they especially wanted to promote those artists who were innovative in their genre and Kozzmozz was born.

Kozz played next to all of these big names and received a lot of positive reactions from the masters themselves. With the growing popularity of his exquisite dj.-style, he got booked more and more in his home-country and abroad. Next to sets on various smaller events, he played in a lot of the big clubs in Belgium such as Fuse and Cherrymoon and was also featured on a lot of national and international festivals such as Dour, Axion Beach, House Torhout, City Parade, Berlin Love Parade, Nature One, ....

He also selected the tracks for and mixed the Kozzmozz compilations.

The last couple of years he has focused on his family, analogue gear and spending a lot of time in the studio where he's been developing his own musical gifts and discovering all the sounds that all those interesting machines can produce… As a dj he brings extremely e-nergetic sets. This has resulted in bookings all over the country and abroad to countries like Croatia & Spain.