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Luke Vibert

References: Planet Mu, Hypercolour, I love Acid. UK

Luke Vibert

Last year Luke Vibert returned on Planet Mu with a new album called ‘Bizarster'. It's his seventh full-length under his own name with others having been released on Mo Wax, Warp and most recently Hypercolour. Luke first came to prominence in 1994 with his debut Wagon Christ album 'Phat Lab Nightmare' on Rising High Records which was quickly followed by the evergreen classic 'Throbbing Pouch' with which he cemented both his sound and reputation. He also released on Rephlex and Ninja Tune as well as Virgin. He also did a series of live collaborations with Aphex Twin. Although Aphex Twin and Luke Vibert never released an album together, Aphex Twin used the song name ‘Analord’, from Vibert's album Lover's Acid, for a series of EPs. Vibert's later releases varied in style as he released albums under various names, including Plug, Amen Andrews, Kerrier District and Spac Hand Luke. What makes Luke's music so essential is his rare ability to blur the boundaries between genres by combining his irresistibly wonky dayglo funk with a British sensibility. Put another way, Luke's music is informed by UK dance's history. Next to that, Luke can do his superb manipulation of machinage while rolling "one" too.