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Man at Arms (live) vs Sorgenkint (DJ)

References: Acid Tracks, Acid Wars, Dusseldorf

Man at Arms (live) vs Sorgenkint (DJ)

These German Acid Ambassadors have been on the road together for more than 10 years. The partners in crime are known for their outstanding, rough and hard acid sounds.

Man at Arms has been a dj. since 1992 and has been on the road for over 20 years to kick ass on the dance-floor. He has a unique style which fuses tweeking acid with banging techno.

In 1998 he founded the legendary Acid Warz event series which is now happening in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.
On his own label, Acid Tracks he has released over 30 records since 2001 from big names as Acid Junkies, Rob Acid and many more.

His partner in crime in both the label and the parties is Sorgenkint who quickly got booked on acid and techno parties in Germany with legends as Rob Acid, Acid Junkies, Hardfloor, Mike Dearborn, Miss Djax and more. It was there that he got noticed by Man at Arms and that they joined forces.

Man at Arms & Sorgenkint have rocked all the biggest festival stages in Germany and beyond (such as Mayday, Nature One, Q base, Rave on Snow, Love Parade, …)

In 2013 they released their ‘Best of the First Decade’ album on Acid Tracks containing 14 tracks from Man at Arms and Sorgenkint from their own Acid tracks label!