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References: Narcosis, Belgium


Ghent based producer Mantrum always had a broad taste in electronic music, with a certain predilection for TB303 abuse. In 2004 he teamed up with friends for what would later become the Narcosis crew. Two years later, the first X-LIVE event took place at Artcube Ghent, which was the start of a series of memorable parties. During these years he developed a strong interest in music production, which quickly emerged in a first live project called ‘Stoornis’. Meanwhile he kept doing his own thing in the background, which led to a new project called ‘Mantrum’. Mainly situated in the acid genre though not attached to any specific style, he develops his tracks according to the particular mood or mindset at that moment. After his solo debut at Acid Call earlier this year, he is now eager to present a completely new liveset for this edition of Retro Acid. Next to producing he is currently running the Narcosis and Kromatones label, promoting both established artist as well as new upcoming producers.