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Outlander vs Analog Devices

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Outlander vs Analog Devices

Outlander aka Marcos Salon is a name that should ring a bell with any discerning house and techno lover. He’s one of the figureheads of the glory days of R&S and creator of ‘The Vamp’, which sounds just as fresh today as it did upon release 24 years ago. Next to that he is an allround studio wizard involved in such diverse projects as Liasons-D, In-D, TZ, Telepaticos and the man behind the mastering of cutting edge house label We Play House Recordings.

Marcos has never stopped being busy with music, and recently he decided to bring his Outlander sounds back on stage with a killer live set consisting of a bunch of his gems from the last 20 years. Energetic, raving, musical and utterly danceable, the Outlander live is just what you need to get the dance-floor into a state of raving bliss. A revival of things past? As far as Marcos is concerned the spirit of the oldskool has never left!

And that’s why he’s such great friends with Analog Devices who has also been creating music for over twenty years. It began in the late 80′s when he swapped his electric guitar for a TB303 and TR606.  Together with Modular II and André Stordeur he started to push forward the idea of playing modular live-acts at Techno and Experimental Acid parties in Brussels venues like the PK studio, Botanique, Le Bulten, Cybertheatre and Caves de la Chapelle.

They built and sold systems to the local artists, extending their influence in the music itself. Parties began to spread into unusual places, hangars, barges, basements, outdoors in the open, underneath motorway bridges etc….  where Analog Devices performed live alongside Little Pat, D-Jack, Joost de Lyser, Toxic R8, MBX Wolf, Popane and many others…. After many parties started to be shut down in the ‘90, Analog Devices was involved in the creation of Subground Technology and its events at the PK Studio, the first big events for Acid and electronica in Belgium.  

After a forced break, he rebuilt his studio and 2008 saw the arrival of a new vinyl “Analogdevices003″ … on white label …. the first one for some time.  Currently he is organizing alongside his artistic circle and friends, the Acid-Food parties which bring both inventive music and fine cuisine together. As well as a fully analog (no computers) live music experience, artists from different styles jam all together through the night.