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Phuture 303

References: Trax, Strictly Rhythm Rec, Chicago

Phuture 303

Respect to those who deserve it! There is much debate and speculation about who created Acid music. The general consensus of opinions swings towards PHuture, now known as, PHuture 303. With the classic hit 'Acid Tracks', the dance music world was turned on its head. PHuture had unwittingly created the blueprint for the children of the revolution.

With the release of their second hit single, 'We Are PHuture' the groups status as the leader of the Acid House scene was confirmed (pressed on the ever so dodgy recycled Trax imprint). After a year, the future of the group was put on hold. DJ Pierre moved to New Jersey after his club hit 'Pfantasy Girl'.

Nothing was heard from the PHuture crew until 1990. At this time 'Rise From Your Grave' was unleashed with a line-up featuring Spanky, DJ Pierre, Jay Janall, and Phill Little. This much sought out release forced a shock wave throughout the dance world underground and PHuture was reborn.

After the success of this release DJ Pierre left the group, to concentrate on solo projects, and was replaced by Damon 'Professor Trax' Neloms. The group then expanded into a larger multi-headed monster with the addition of Ron 'DJ Skull' Maney and Roy Davis Jnr. Together they scored a huge hit with the epic 'Times Fade' and the follow up debut album 'Alpha & Omega' in 1998.

Not long after the album Spanky and Prof. Trax decided to keep the group as a duo. DJ Skull and Roy Davis Jnr. left and continued with their own solo recordings. The duo then unleashed their powerful signature tune 'Acid Soul' on Djax Up Beats.

The pioneering spirit of the first hour back at the Music Box still lives on with each new track that PHuture creates.

PHuture released a second album on Belgium's infamous Music Man label in 2003. The album features a return of DJ Pierre to the group for a new version of Lil Louis 'Blackout' with Spanky doing the vocals again from scratch. The album, 'Survivals Our Mission', staying true to the original spirit and sound of this pioneering outfit, PHuture survived!  DJ Hell even re-released the all-time PHuture classic “Rise From The Grave”, originally released on the pioneering Strictly Rhythm label, on his Definition Of House series on Gigolo label in 2005.

PHuture’s pioneering work became essential to the movement that made Chicago the epicenter of house music. Their project constituted one of the stepping stones of what was to become Acid House.