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Seal Phüric

References: Seekness, Virtus, Re-load Rec, BWP

Seal Phüric

Seal Phüric is a multi-disciplinary artist in sound & writing from Brussels who performed several DJing gigs & live-acts in different European countries, officially since 92’ with the BWP DJ crew. He developed his own musical productions under the pseudonyms of Seekness & Virtus on the Belgian Re-load label and collaborated on some records with Acid Kirk. During this period, he managed the artistic direction of the Re-Load Ambient record label section. In 2000, he created his own independent record label Ambivalence Recordz which 3 first releases were co-produced with the German Industrial reference label Ant-Zen/Hymen.

Also known under different aliases like Zeal Phürax, So4 (as reviewer) or Don Quishoote (activism for freedom of speech), he now concentrate onto his first original desire : music & sound-design for movies. Some internationally acclaimed short films and other post-production works were created.

Seal Phüric produced 9 solo records, 5 collaborations, appeared on a bunch of international compilations, helped different records to be released, and edited 15 artist’s releases on his own label.