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Sensory Overload

References: Sensory Overload Records, Rotterdam

Sensory Overload

Sensory Overload, Robbert Latumahima, is a pioneer from the Dutch underground. Robbert started out as Hybrid Systems back in 1996. He was a part of the Mononom collective as well and continued the Mononom record label for releasing his own productions until 1999, at which point he changed his name to Sensory Overload.

As a musician he sets himself apart with his minimalistic, industrial rhythms, fat bass-lines and deep spheric sounds. He has designed and built his own sequencer, using it for his famous live sets.

Robbert performs throughout Europe, runs his own label (Sensory Overload Records) and his productions have appeared on other labels like Team Wasted, ZMK, Neurotrope, Narcosis and Eat Concrete.