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As Slam's Soma label prepares to embark on the 25th year of its epic journey, you only have to take one look at its release schedule to understand why they have remained on the cutting edge and firmly at the forefront of musical innovation. Protagonists since the early days and always in the vanguard, forward-thinking techno producers Slam's recent ‘Transmissions: Glasgow’ compilation showed a continued commitment to the future. After presenting some of their finest work to date with their fifth album, 'Reverse Proceed', the legendary producers continue to demonstrate why they are an important part of modern day electronic music, recently with their remix of label mates Clouds' ‘Complete Control’, a veritable bomb, being followed by their enormous 'Make You Move' on their Paragraph track series. So it’s no wonder that 2016 is one of the biggest years yet in the glittering career of this dynamic Glaswegian duo with gigs at all the leading institutions as Berghain, Cocoon, Concrete, Fabric, Sub Club and many more. We’re very happy that they will lead our spaceship on this special voyage, especially as they will be performing live exclusively for us!