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References: Retro Acid, Peep, Kozzmozz


Spacid started collecting music from a very early age and played occasionally on weddings and block parties.

His first influences were Synthesizer Greatest (Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis …) and new wave club classics (Front 242, Depeche Mode …), later welcoming Belgium’s New Beat craze and early Chicago house.

Spacid’s first steps playing in front of a public dates back to 1990, while being a resident dj at Le Café in Kortrijk. There, once settled behind his trusty Technics, he played all the early electronic music this dance culture had to offer in those days.

Together with some friends, Spacid organised his first parties in 1992, which turned out to be a big success and paved the way to setting up the club Carioca. He was only 17 then. The club was short-lived but is still remembered as one the legendary and trendsetting clubs in Belgium.

1994 saw the founding of Funky Green Aliens, a party organisation and booking agency concentrating on promoting groundbreaking music & arts and introducing international artists to the Belgian scene. These parties, mostly illegal, were very successful and still to this day represent the true roots of Spacid’s dj career.

By 1997 his name started popping up in all major Belgian clubs and events and he was propelled to slots at the biggest clubs and parties in Belgium such as, Dance Valley, Kozzmozz, Ten Days Off, etc.

He also became resident at various important party concepts such the legendary Body 2 Body parties at Culture Club, Beats of Love, Lazerdance, Elektron, Retro Acid, Ultra …

In 2009 he came in 6th in the Best Belgian Dj polls of the Belgian Nightcode magazine. Only Dr. Lectroluv was listed before him as electro dj. And he received other awards as well, among others on the Partyguide site, he was voted 2nd best electro dj, three years in a row and in 2007 he came in 5th as all-round dj and 4th in 2006 alongside names as 2 Many Dj’s, Discobar Galaxie, Ed & Kim and The Glimmers.

As the label boss of Radius Records, he gave the label in 2003 its first big exposure with a mix compilation by himself, named “Theme From Radius”. The label’s goal was to seek and explore the foundations of the electronic influences of the 70’s and 80’s italo disco, highlighting not only its innovative aspect, but also its importance in today’s electronic dance music. The label played a pioneering role in the modern new disco sound and offered a platform for then unknown producers such as Tensnake and Moonlight Matters. During that time, Spacid also traveled around Europe to fire up dancefloors with this disco sounds.

Spacid has a nose for creativity and has always been an early adopter. It’s fair to say that when Spacid spots a new qualitative subgenre, he’s one of first to promote it. He’s a dj who evolves and is above trends. He can be regarded as a pioneer in early house, techno as well as electro. This attitude makes him a most versatile dj you can easily find playing various genres like, minimal, deep house, all shades of electro, acid, techno and the one thing of which he is an avid collector: disco in all its forms.

Spacid is also a regular and very welcome guest at both Belgian and international events. He played at 10 Days Off 7 times, Tomorrowland 7 times and rocked the dancefloor at I Love Techno 4 times. He’s been at an impressive amount of clubs, parties and festivals in and out of the country (you can find a complete overview at

He played at festivals and clubs in France, the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Poland and Malta. He manned the decks in British clubs and parties like Club Trash, Herbal, The Key, House of God, Downtownsounds, Human Zoo, Death disco and played in about every major Dutch club such as Paradiso, Club 013, Melkweg, Effenaar, Doornroosje. He was even invited at the Berlin Weekend club and Paris’s ‘Respect is Burning’.

Among the festivals he played at you can find Pukkelpop, House Torhout, Boomtown, Laundry Day, Dance Valley, Tomorrowland and you can find him in the dj booth at parties and clubs such as Culture Club, Fuse, Café D’Anvers, Kozzmozz, Petrol and many more.

Today Spacid is resident at the legendary Kozzmozz, het belgiche nr 1 Techno parties. He’s still a resident at Retro Acid as at Peep where he jacks the house.

Spacid is not tied to one particular style. He’s a very versatile and flexible dj. Ook al pists He can play various styles of electronic music depending on the venue, people or mood of the party.

It’s safe to say that Spacid is an established value in the Belgian club circuit and he has a strong fan base.

He has a colourful 23 years of dj-ing experience. And it shows! Whenever he’s working the dancefloor, the party is always hot and intense!

A real ambassador of the vibrant club scene, both his quest for innovation and his reverence for the past transpire in his work as a dj.