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Stefan ZMK

References: Obs.Cur, Mackitek HS, Peur Bleue, Symbiote, Netherlands

Stefan ZMK

Stefan ZMK started DJing and producing in 1998. A year later he teamed up with friends to create a unique brand of free-parties: ZMK Soundsystem. By 2000 Stefan was a notorious vinyl collector and one of the members to start the ZMK record label, which contributed even more to ZMK’s European success. Stefan performed at countless parties all over Europe, promoting the unique Dutch brand of acid, tekno and hardcore. With over 17 years of experience, he is considered the most booked Dutch DJ of the free-party movement. With the rise of Ableton Live and Traktor Scratch, Stefan found the tools to incorporate all that is good in electronic music into his mindbendig sets. Mixing obscure elements, custom remixes with the freshest beats available, digital and analog. What was considered to be impossible, now sits waiting at his fingertips! On Retro Acid he will be closing the night and you can expect a very pure and sour acid set. Are you ready?