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Subway Shamans

References: Mr Gasmask vs Epidemie .BE

Subway Shamans

Subway Shamans is a new collaboration between Mr Gasmask and Epidemie. The duo tries to reach for altered states of consciousness in our psychedelic acid journey.

EPIDEMIE is a young Belgian producer that started his musical career in 2009. Complimented for his fresh raw talent, he represents an oldskool vibe with a modern heavy bass, a cool tempo and wicked song structures. In 2013 he released his first vinyl at the mighty Obs.cur label. His tracks are pure in sound, concept and execution. Epidemie played at the most forefront acid parties in Belgium like Retro Acid, Acid Sounds, Obs.cur Label Nights or the Narcosis parties. Moreover, he’s a resident at Foorcore XL and at Acid Infektion. He’s been doing very well lately when it comes to releases: he launched several mesmerizing tracks on labels such as Subcom, Obs.cur and Ketoksid. Now his style could best be described as a progressive mix of acidic psytrance and old school hardcore/tekno.

MR. GASMASK got hooked on acid around 1995. It was that year he joined the Christmas Kitchen Lab, where he learned (de knepen van het vak) van Renald vs Teck. His uncontrolled 303 abuse brought about an addiction to sour beats and squelchy sounds. Quality time with figures as Sid.A (Emetic) and Arkanoid resulted into the launch of Binary Bassline Records in 2002. He received big support from mad technician D'naab136 and can always be  found around fellow addicts Dr.Evil, Rvooh, Slide303, Eliminator, Sid.A, Monokini Davy, Black Francis. Alliances with Ege Bam Yasi, Dr. Fernando, Woody McBride, Mike Dred and Citric Acid lead to even worse acid abuse and Binary Bassline went into hibernation as Mr. Gasmask went into a live-show overdose. Rehab followed through releases on various labels as Obs.Cur, Transelucid, Winprod, Duracell, 00121 rec, Subcom and And now there’s his own Protocol Records as a form of mental therapy. We welcomed Mr. Gasmask several times at Retro Acid, and each time we were blown away by his performance. This time won’t be any different!