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Dj Syncope born in 1977, grown up in Belgium. Passionated by music he started spinning records at the age of 17. Due to his energy, enthusiasm and skill in mixing tracks and tunes behind the turntables, he began dj-ing in the local club-house very soon. In 1998 Syncope moved to Ghent. Inspired by the Code-303-parties he got drawn to the acid music. Though Syncope never stitched to one style, he always wanted to explore the frontiers of music knowledge. Genres like techno, acid-techno, hard-techno, core, new & old skool acid, UK-acid and experimental give him full scope for a fusion of beats. Playing at a lot of Squat-parties ..uncovering the acid scene ..syncope got the unique chance to have a hand in the launching of the Mutate-organisation. After a few years, stroking another road he joined Christmass Kitchen Lab. Known for it’s stunning “Acid Botz”-parties. In 2005 Syncope and a mate hooked up to combine their musical ideas; starting a new project: “Fifth Floor Room 303”. Famous for it’s “Acid for Free” and “Drop Acid not Bombs”- parties. Nowadays Syncope programs the parties “Acid Soundz” organized by Suburb Soundz. Over the years Syncope performed at many different places and countries in Europe. He already played once at Retro Acid and on national radio, Studio Brussel. So developing sound and status, Syncope has established a solid reputation in the acid scene. With over 17 years of experience as a DJ and a persevering passion for music he can now focus on another thing he loves: creating tunes. Experimenting by using electronic instruments, soft synths and sequencing tools. It’s Syncope’s dream to release a track once and even to start a label. So…just be prepared… the best has yet to come!