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The Pump Panel

References: Missile, Synewave Rec, London

The Pump Panel

The Pump Panel concept was created by founder member Tim Taylor from Missile Records in 1994. The original idea was to create a group with an ever rotating and evolving line up of members and contributors with Tim as the only ever present in these line ups.

The prime purpose was to create killer riffs and bass-lines or Pumps, that would stand the test of time. The first incarnation featured Tim along with Dan Zamani and also Damon Wild from Synewave Records. ‘Ego Acid’ was the debut single from Pump Panel initially released on Synewave London and Missile in ‘94 and ‘95. This highly infectious 303 party track became an overnight sensation with its unforgettable funky acid riff that once heard would always remain in hearts, minds, boxes and playlists to this day. A true classic that puts a real smile on your face. Later in 2003 "Ego Acid" was licensed to Primate Records and re-rubbed by Adam Beyer - Thomas Schumacher and Thomas P Heckmann which further cemented the tracks' acid legacy.

Back to the 90s and the second Pump Panel single involved 2 new guest members Cari Lekebusch and Alexi Delano who were unknowns at the time yet Tim heard something in their attitude and style that convinced him to bring them to the table and the astonishing "To The Sky" was the result, again on Missile and again causing much damage on many dance-floors and compilations.

Tim Taylor and Dan Zamani took over the mantle altogether with their Pump Panel Remixes of DHS "House of God", Egyptian Empire "The Horn Track" and N-Joi "Papillon" but it was their radical cover version of New Order's  ‘Confusion’
that became their crowning glory. Better known as ‘The Theme from Blade’ this acid missile blazed across the screens for 4 minutes in the blockbuster Blade movie and ignited that world famous vampire club bloodbath opening sequence. The first and only case of "Acid over Hollywood"... that murderous Acid Riff would define the Pump Panel.

Fast Forward to the present day 2013 The Pump Panel have officially returned with Tim plus brand new members to this acid core and with a slew of new releases including the ‘Silver Axe’ LP featuring re-masters and unreleased classic PP Acid plus new singles and all new material.  First up are reworks of the famous ‘Bang the Acid’ track by names as Hardfloor, Ben Sims, The Advent, Fanton Flowers,  …