Entrance Rules - Info | Retro Acid


Entrance rules

Bottles, cans, drugs and other possibly dangerous objects are not allowed.
The use of drugs will not be tolerated.
Access will be denied to people under 16 .
Only people with a valid ticket are allowed access. Fake tickets will be persecuted by law.
Only tickets bought at an established pre-sale address or at the door are valid.
Tickets are not valid without attached slip.
Make sure the bar code of printed tickets is clearly readable.
By entering the venue you agree with possible artist cancellations and exposure to sound volumes.
Once you leave the venue, it’s permanent.
Respect the peace and quiet of the neighbourhood when leaving the venue.

Access can be denied based on the facts mentioned.

By purchasing a ticket you waiver any damage claims for whatever reason, towards the venue management, the organization or any third party involved in the organization.
Footage (film & photo) will be made on the events. Your purchase of the ticket grants us the use of images for future promotion.